Where’d the world go?

When my hyperthinking is at its worst, I wake up in the morning thinking. I notice that I’m thinking, perhaps about some errands I need to run, and do them in my head. I drive to the grocery store, pick out some vegetables, get distracted by the cupcakes, and get tired. Oops! I’ve forgotten meanwhile that I’m sitting in bed thinking about my errands. I think about that for a moment and forget that I’m doing that because I’m mentally getting up and taking a run.

If I notice that my body is attached to my brain, and that the world is here, it breaks the thinking, at least for a moment. I’ll notice my body, feel my legs, etc, and then forget that I did that. One thing I’ve learned is to distinguish thinking from ruminating. This isn’t me worrying about everything I have to do- it’s just going through the mental motions without the body joining in. That’s important, because techniques for calming worry tend to involve some thinking- so they just add fun to the thinking frenzy.
Luckily, this doesn’t happen so much anymore.


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